Court Reporter Plan:

For The Office With Multiple Court Reporters

A WordPress Driven Multi-Purpose Website

As the owner / manager of a court reporter agency you know that there are several things that you need your website to do. WordPress powers almost 36% of all websites. There are an almost unlimited number of possibilities when it comes to expanding the capabilities of a WordPress website. A WordPress-powered Agency website is usually ready within two weeks after you sign up.

Why is this important? Because WordPress is so ubiquitous, it is relatively easy to find someone who has WordPress editing experience. Even if everyone in your office is a novice, our training videos can usually bring someone (such as the receptionist) up to speed enough to make the changes you require. When you couple the unique needs of every agency, with the simple flexibility of WordPress, we believe it's the perfect match.


agency website

While WordPress is universal, there are many factors which go into the overall configuration which sets a Court Reporter 360 WordPress designed and hosted website apart from others.

Why is this important? You could take the identical WordPress configuration, run it on two different webhosting platforms, and get two widely different performance results. We know because we have done it. The set up; configuration settings; choice of plugins; attention to refinements; use of the proper theme; testing and iterating improvements, even the webhosting platform itself, all can make the difference between a good and bad WordPress site when it comes to performance. All of of these things, when combined together, make a Court Reporter 360 WordPress designed and hosted website superior to those offered by others.


agency website

WordPress is great in many regards but very demanding in others. Because it is so prominent in powering websites, it is the target for many hackers and bad actors. More often than not, the vulnerabilities which come to light are not in WordPress "core" itself but in poorly coed plugins. This means that if you want to maintain a WordPress website well, you will need to be monitoring it on a regular basis.

Why is this important? The typical court reporter agency is not going to have the time, nor industry insight, to keep your WordPress website up to date. We monitor our WordPress-driven websites daily. We subscribe to threat intelligence resources and technical groups to (hopefully) give us the inside track on problems so we can fix them before they become major problems.


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Schedule A Reporter Admin Panel

In addition to the Customizable forms based on your needs, and the instant Notifications when your client submits the Schedule A Reporter Form, the Admin Panel allows you to interact with every submission: View, Edit, Search, Export to Excel, Forward it to someone else, etc. In addition, you can also make Edits to the form, adding a field, changing a description, rearranging where it appears in the form, updating who gets notified when a Court Reporter is scheduled, etc.

Domain Email Account

Your Plus Plan includes one domain email account with the name of your choosing. We host with Rackspace, a highly regarded hosting company founded in 1998 that we have used since the beginning. Your email account includes up to 30GB of storage and the ability to send email attachments of 25MB or less. You have all of the features of a world-class business email account, including the ability of adding it to your phone or using email clients like Microsoft Outlook for your desktop.

Why is this important? From a branding standpoint, having an email address that matches your domain name helps keep you and your company name constantly in front of clients and prospects. For example, consider Johnny Depo. He owns the domain name. His email address reinforces this. He's not the forgettable He's! And his email is private and secure, not being scanned by Google.