Court Reporter Website:
Standard Plan

The Only Thing Standard Is Its Name

Preferred by the Solo Practitioner
And The First-Time Website Owner

All of our court reporter website packages, including the low-cost Standard Plan, include features and capabilities which we consider to be essential for any successful court reporter website. We know this sounds kind of "buzzwordy" but it breaks down like this:

Web Design

  • Responsive Design
    (works on desktops or mobile devices)
  • Search Engine Optimization
    (designed to rank highly with search engines)
  • Easy Navigation
    (easy to follow on desktops or mobile devices)
  • Clear Call to Action
    (what is a website visitor to do?)

Web Hosting

  • Fast Loading
    (essential for good Google ranking)
  • SSL Certificate
    (required by Google since 2017)
  • Where You Host Your Website
    (better webhosts mean better web experiences)


Standard Package recommended for:

» A First Website
» 1 or 2 Court Reporters
» Not The Most Tech Comfortable Court Reporter
  It is usually ready in about one week, after you sign up.

Standard Package includes:

Schedule A Reporter Form

court reporter scheduler form

Customizable. All Court Reporter 360 forms, including the one your clients (old or new) can use to schedule your services, are customizable.

Why is this important? We know how especially important the Schedule A Reporter Form is. You want information that another court reporter doesn't. You don't want to be locked into a "canned" form. We work with you to set up this form with the fields you need and displayed in the order you want.

multiple notifications

Multiple Notification Delivery Points. When your client submits the Schedule A Reporter Form, a notification is sent to you (via email, SMS text message, or both) so you know exactly what is going on.

Why is this important? In this mobile, connected world we know how important it is that you quickly receive the notification that you have new work. Your Scheduler Form may be sent to as many as 8 different delivery points (say, four people getting it in their email and on their phone, simultaneously).