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Sparks Curiosity and Conversation Every Time

court reporter t-shirt - relax

(Just About) Guaranteed To Start A Conversation

Unlike our QWERTY shirt, which is admittedly a bit more "in your face", this Sorcery shirt consistently sparks curiosity and conversation. While it is great anytime, we hear reports that this is especially useful for Court Reporter Awareness events as it helps break the ice a bit. As with all of our shirts, choose either the classic Unisex Crew Neck T-Shirt fit or Women's Core Cotton V-Neck T-shirt fit.

  • Refer to the sizing charts and colors, below, before placing your order. As always, we guarantee our quality however, due to the current situation, we can no longer do exchanges or refunds. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Also due to the current situation, orders may take 2-3 weeks for delivery. Thank you in advance for your patience. It will be worth it!
  • We offer four different Court Reporter T-Shirt styles. Use the Order Form at the bottom of this page to order your RELAX t-shirts. Get 30% off + free shipping when you order by midnight on July 6, 2020. Use code J2030.
  • To order a combination of t-shirt styles (and we hope you do!) please use the Combo Order form.
  • For domestic Bulk Orders of 20 T-shirts or more, or international shipments outside the United States (regardless of styles or quantities), please Contact Us.

Shipping Charges (Within United States)

*For orders of 20 shirts or more (mix-and-match styles okay), such as state associations, please contact us for Wholesale Pricing to include discounted bulk rate shipping.


Sizing Charts

When you click on the thumbnail image below, a Larger Picture will then appear below the group of thumbnails. Women's fit are listed first; then Unisex fit.

Women's · Black
Women's · Blue
Women's · Charcoal
Women's · Green
Women's · Navy
Women's · Orange
Women's · Pink
Women's · Purple
Women's · Raspberry
Women's · Red
Women's · Yellow
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Unisex · Black
Unisex · Blue
Unisex · Brown
Unisex · Carolina Blue
Unisex · Gold
Unisex · Kelly Green
Unisex · Lime Green
Unisex · Maroon
Unisex · Navy
Unisex · Orange
Unisex · Oxford Gray
Unisex · Palace Blue
Unisex · Pink
Unisex · Purple
Unisex · Red
Unisex · Smoke Gray
Unisex · Teal
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